Welcome to Suraj School Sector - 56, Gurugram



The holistic, child-oriented educational framework at Suraj School, optimally promotes self-development and creativity in a stress-free and stimulating atmosphere. The 360-degree approach gives our children an opportunity to know themselves by discovering their talents, ignite their goals, and drive them to imbibe the knowledge regulated to lead a successful life. While encouraging a spirit of initiative and values in children, we help to promote confidence, direction, and critical thinking skills. This leads to the development of well adjusted, adaptable and integrated personalities in every child.

The curriculum at Suraj follows the integrated education that enables students to have

  • Development of the inner and interpersonal self
  • Development of physical, emotional and social self
  • Correlate knowledge with creative expressions by formal and informal ideas.
  • Bridging of languages, science, reasoning, mathematics, communication, sports, life skills, academic standards, board examinations, entrance examinations and praiseworthy character for a life of service.
  • The ultimate goal is to enhance the overall personality of children which results in the formation of a ‘Sarva Guna Sampanna’ personality.