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About Us

SURAJ SCHOOL: “प्रकाशमय कल के लिए”"Let your light shine so brightly that others can see their way out of the dark"
The Suraj Group of Schools aspires not to adapt to the constant changes that the society creates but to harness and accelerate that change in all ways you can. The Suraj Group of Schools was established in 1998 at Mahendergarh City, Haryana and has continuously evolved since then. What has remained the same, however, is the commitment to a holistic system of education and to encourage students to continually strive for excellence. With 8 campuses in Haryana and student’s body comprising 40,000 students, it has become an epitome of education. This exhibits the faith and trusts of the parents they behold within us and our core philosophy.

We aim at providing an educational experience that is challenging yet supportive, broad but well-informed and contemporary rooted in our rich Indian culture. With the help of specially trained staff, the school pays special attention to the needs of the students with learning difficulties through sustained attention. Today we can say with the power of conviction and empirical evidence that Suraj School is synonyms with producing best results over the years in all the streams. Education, at Suraj School, is regarded as a process by enhancing the abilities of the children which they already possess, by encouraging them to express freely and with their own pace.

Students learn in an environment that is nurturing and acquire an education in the true sense. In the era full of technology and challenges of the modernized world, we at Suraj School offer the students a blend of traditional values and the modern methods which are required to compete at Universal Level. Our pristine campuses are well equipped with ultra-modern amenities, safe and secure for your children to study with great zest and enthusiasm. Because we recognize that childhood is a beautiful journey and we take every measure to make it memorable for them.