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Enrolment, Registration & Application Procedure


The admission procedure in Suraj School is welcoming, time-saving and caters to convenience of the parents. Parents can register their children for admission to Suraj School using any one of the following options by paying Rs.1000 as the Registration Fee:

  • Purchase the Registration Form for a fee of Rs.1000 from the School, duly fill it and submit it at the school.
  • Download the Registration Form from our website, take a print, duly fill it and submit it at the School.

    1. Registration: The Registration Fee of amount 1000/- is Non-Refundable. Provisional admission will be granted subject to the availability of seats and confirmed when all the requirements are met with (Submission of all documents is necessarily required.)

    2. Student information: Parents have to provide complete information about the child and their family. In case of any health problem-psychological or physical, it is the school’s right to know and the parent’s duty to inform beforehand, at the time of registration itself.

    3. Fee Schedule:- If the admission is sealed, the first quarter fees at the time of the admission has to be paid w.e.f. April of the given academic session. 1st April to 30th June (1st Quarter / to be paid by 10 April ) 1st July to 30th September (2nd Quarter / to be paid by July ) 1st October to 31st December (3rd Quarter / to be paid by 10 October ) 1st January to 31st March (4th Quarter / to be paid by 10 January )

    4. School Timings: - Class I to XII 8:00 am – 2:20 p.m Class Nur to UKG 8:00 a.m – 12:30 p.m. 30 Min variation may prevail in the winter season. Please note that timings are subject to change at the sole discretion of the school or the orders of state government.

    5. Fee Policy:
    a. If the admission is sealed, the first quarter fees at the time of admission has to be paid w.e.f April of the given academic session.
    b. Parents are hereby informed that to meet the rising expenses every year in terms of salaries, infrastructural needs and overall development of the school, there will be a nominal hike in fee every year as per state government norms.

    6. Transport Policy: - Bus service is voluntary and on a first-come first-served basis. Routes of the school buses are drawn up carefully after due consideration. However, the decision of the school authorities will be final on issue related to routing, timing, pick up point, etc. Parents should contact the school Transport In-charge for necessary details. Parents wanting to avail bus facility have to fill up the Transport Requisition form available at the reception. In case of a change of residential address/ Bus stop/ change in route, kindly intimate the School in writing. Parents/guardians are requested to carry the school’s authorization card issued, at the pickup and drop points every day for security reasons.

    7. Sibling Concession Policy:- As per the school policy 50% sibling discount will be applicable on tuition fees of the 2nd child. The tuition fee of the 3rd child will not be charged along with the complete tuition fees of the 1st & 2nd child.

    8. School Dues: - School dues are payable quarterly by the 10th of the first month of the quarter. If the 10th of the month in which the school dues are to be paid happens to be a holiday, then the payment is to be made by the previous working day of the month. Parents should contact the fees counter for details of fees. Parents are requested to make all payments by draft/ cheque / online mode / RTGS / NEFT drawn in favour of …………………………………

    Online Fee payment available: https://payment.surajschool.com/
    9.Bank Charges: - All bank charges pertaining to inward remittance of school fee, if any, shall be debited to the student’s account. In the event of cheque/draft return, a sum of Rs.500/- shall be debited to the student’s account. This shall be over and above the amount of the cheque along with late fee charges if due, and the payment shall be accepted only by Banker's cheque / Pay Order /Demand Draft.

    10.Late Fee: - School fee is to be paid before the 10th of the first month of the respective quarter. In the event of late deposit of the fee following surcharge shall be charged: From 11th to 20 the fine of Rs.50/- per day will be charged. From the 20th to 30the fine of Rs. 100/- per day will be charged. If the fee is not paid by the 30th of the given month the name of the student will be struck off from the school register and all the dues shall be forfeited and re-admission may be allowed only at the discretion of the management. No student whose fee remains unpaid in full or in part will be allowed to sit for a school examination and until the outstanding fees is received. No internal examination result, reports, transfer certificates or recommendation to future schools/colleges will be issued to the student or parent.

    11.Withdrawal Policy:-
    a. Parents wanting to withdraw their child must give at least one (1) Calendar months notice in writing before the commencement of the new quarter and before discontinuation from school, or the school will forfeit the fees for the equivalent period.
    b. Such notice should be given in writing and addressed to the School Principal. No cognizance will be given to verbal intimations or information shared with the Class Teachers or any school authorities in the course of a meeting.
    c. In case of withdrawal, fee pertaining to the quarter falling in the notice period shall be payable by the student.

    12. Refund policy:
    a. No refund of uniform/books will be applicable in any circumstances.
    b. If the refund is sought before 31 march application of cancelation of admission should be submitted on or before the mentioned date and an amount of 5000 Rs. will be deducted as administrative charges from the amount paid by parent.
    b. If the refund is sought after 1 April, in that case, monthly fees of the corresponding month will be applicable and the amount deposited in the other heads will be deducted on the pro-rata basis.
    d. School does not have any policy of security deposit. e. To apply for a refund parent has to submit an application for the approval from the school head and a refund will be initiated within 15 days. f. If the complete annual payment has been cleared by the parent at the time of admission the deduction will be applicable on the pro-rata basis till the corresponding month of submission of refund application.

    13. Kindly note that the tuition fees for the new academic session for newly admitted students will be applicable from 1st April.

    14. Parent seeking admission in the mid of the session has to submit the complete annual charges and the complete quarter fees along with the necessary testimonials of the students and admission granted only if the seat is available. ----------------------------------------To be retained for official purposes------------------------------------------ Yes, I______________________parent of ____________of class ____ section_____ have read all school fees & admission policies carefully and I promise to abide all school rules and regulations for the complete session.


    Entry Age (as on March 31, 2020)
    2 yrs 3 months
    3 yrs 3 months
    4 yrs 3 months


    Welcome to Joyful Learning!

  • 2 Passport size photos of the child.
  • 2 Passport size photos of Mother & Father.
  • Photocopy of Birth certificate.
  • Aadhar card of the child.
  • ID proof of the parent.
  • Residential proof/ Aadhar of parent only.
  • T.C. & Report Card of the previous school.
  • ID/Photo/Details of the Guardian or Referred Person..