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(Activities held in the current month October

S.ST Activity on Biographies by class 5 Students

Students of Grade-5 @ Suraj school sector 56 prepared biography lessons on famous scientists, statesmen, social reformers,poets, novelists and sportsmen . Activities included focusing on reading skills and strategies,group discussion questions,cross curricular activities and more . The activity turned out to be highly enriching and exciting for students learning.

  • OCT, 16 2019

Global Handwashing Day

"Our Hands ..Our Future" Annual Global Handwashing Day was celebrated with students of classes Nur to 3 @ Suraj school sec 56 on 15 october 2019.Children were motivated to improve their handwashing habits as an easy,effective gesture to stay healthy.

  • OCT, 15 2019

Sports activities/ competitions

Suraj school sec 56 organised sports events/activities for all students of Nur -3 on 11 october 2019... a day filled with fervour and excitement experienced amidst thrills, shrills It was a day filled with sportsmanship, enthusiasm and memories to cherish. Tinytots participated in variety of competitions like,50 m race,frog race,3 leg race ,sac race,lemonspoonrace,monkey race,ball throw race,banana race,jalebi race & balloon bursting race.

  • OCT, 11 2019

Recapitulation of topic " Integers and Number Line"

Recapitulation of topic "Integers and Number Line" through assembly programme.Students on stage class 6A

  • OCT, 11 2019

Teachers Training workshop Junior section

Suraj school sec 56 conducted an interactive workshop for teachers in association with Karadi Path educationists, based on science of language learning approach which covered modules like,action,music,reading & story telling to make teaching more interesting & effective.

  • OCT, 10 2019

Activity class 4 / Clothes/ Dresses of different states of India

Students of classes 4 @ Suraj school sec 56 learnt about cultural clothes according to the different states of India. They participated enthusiasticaly in dress up activity& created collage based on the theme .

  • OCT, 10 2019

Special assembly on Dushera Junior & middle section

A special assembly was conducted by Suraj school sec 56 for junior & middle students to explain them about the importance of Dushera & why it is celebrated.

Tiny tots dressed up as Ram , Sita ,hanumam & the demon King Ravana were seen walking in through the school gates as the school day began . The assembly began with an invocation followed by a medley of bhajans gleefully sung by the students . Next was a heartwarming rendition of a short scene from the Ramayana . It was wonderful to see them confidently moving on the stage performing and coordinating their parts in the play . Last but not the least , the vibrant Dandiya performed by the students , rhythmically tapping on their dandiya sticks was a treat to the eye . VP appreciated the efforts of the students and reiterated the message of victory of good over evil . The assembly concluded with the national anthem and a hearty “ Happy Dussehra ” in unison .

  • OCT, 7 2019

Lets learn Time" Clock Making Activity

Students of classes 1 @ Suraj school sec 56 were engaged in Clock Making Activity to make them interested in learning the concept of time. Emphasis was laid on recapitulation of counting from one to sixty & to count by fives.

  • OCT, 7 2019

Maths Lab visit classes 8/ Learning geometrical fundamentals & apparatus

Geometry is a branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space. Students @ Suraj school sec 56 visited Maths lab & learnt the practical way for dealing with lengths, areas, and volumes.They also gained thorough knowledge about various geometrical appratus & fundamentals required for geometric constructions .

  • OCT, 7 2019

Maths Activity on angles made by the transversal lines @ Suraj school sec 56 classes 7

Maths activities provides an opportunity for the students to discover mathematics through doing.Class 7 students @ Suraj school sec 56 were engaged in activity on angles made by the transversal lines, to help our students to have a better understanding of the concept.

  • OCT, 7 2019

Creating My Healthy Plate Activity

On our outgoing theme of the month about fruits & vegetables..little hands of U.K.G classes @ Suraj school sec 56 created beautiful colourful collage healthy plates to learn about healthy food choices & diet quality. Healthy interaction about their favourite food & vegetables was also held .

  • OCT, 7 2019

Fruits & vegetable Day / Junior section

Students of classes Nur -3 @ Suraj school sec 56 dressed up as different fruits & vegetables spreaded the message to eat healthy food & steer clear of junk food.Tinytots sang songs & rhymes on fruits and vegetables themes.Teachers weaved stories around them to create awareness of eating lots of fruits & veggies for proper growth of body & mind..

  • OCT, 09 2019

Weighing scale making Activity

Students of classes 3 learnt the different units of measurements & weights.They visited physics lab to recognise weighing balance,units of length & weight. They made weighing balance with the help of hanger,papercups , bowls & explored measurements tasks within everyday contexts.

  • OCT, 04 2019