Welcome to Suraj School Sector - 56, Gurugram


There are many areas where learning can be uncurbed and unhooked from books and we help student’s to explore those areas. The basic idea behind this is that an individual is born with inborn talent, Suraj School taps this valued facet with full responsibility. To sharpen their unexplored skills, the school has established hobby clubs. Each club as a specific identity and agenda of its own. We, at Suraj, believe in the overall development of the child to make child face each challenge and be more confident with each passing time.

  • 1.- ART CLUB- Art club in the school is vital to enrich young children’s experience in motivating and enriching positive attitude to the school and life beyond formal education. It holds and supports the personal, social, moral, spiritual and creative development of the child.
  • 2.- SCIENCE CLUB- To develop reasoning and logical thinking ability among children and encourage problem-solving skills in pupils.
  • 3.- MATHS CLUB- It endeavors to help students grasp mathematical concepts better through activities like puzzles, shortcuts in calculations and mock competitions. It will also support classroom learning, enrich their skills with high order thinking.
  • 4.- LANGUAGE CLUB (HINDI, ENGLISH, AND FOREIGN)- To inculcate communication skills in children through proper use of language.
  • 5.- SOCIAL CLUB- Social club provides opportunities to children to participate in activities, interact with peers and form friendly relationships with adults.