Welcome to Suraj School Sector - 56, Gurugram


The main aim of counseling is to facilitate student achievement, improve student behavior and attendance, and help students develop socially.  School counselors provide counseling and serve as an educational role in and around. At, Suraj we aim to support and help students who are experiencing personal and academic challenges and intervene when students face behavioral, physical and mental health challenges so that they can perform to the fullest potential at school tasks.

The following counseling services are available to all students:

  • Individual Counseling.
  • Group Counseling
  • Classroom Interventions

  • Topics that can be dealt with :

  • Anger management
  • Dealing with loss
  • Boosting self-esteem
  • Bullying
  • Life skills
  • Emotional management


    “Knowledge is power and enthusiasm pulls the switch”. And the power in unity and power stands with the strength of great student council, that utilizes the knowledge and the collective abilities of students for the well-being of the student community. We believe in teaching students to be the leaders of tomorrow. The student council encourages the student to participate actively and with definite leadership qualities. Each member of the student council is expected to be aware of students needs and concerns. The body is held to maintain discipline, integrity and good conduct in the school.

    How does counselling work at Suraj?

    If any student is facing such issues, the counselor will have a meeting with the teacher to gain more information about the issue the child is facing. The counselor will also make sure to meet the rest of the teachers, to get overall feedback of the student, and see if even other teachers have also noted the same set of behavioral pattern. Thus, the counselor will have a classroom observation session, to assess the seriousness of the behavior. The counselor will then have an informal one-on-one session with the student to look into the problem more deeply and decide the best course of action. We make sure that no counseling and therapy services will be provided without parental consent.

    •To maintain strong communication between the students.
    •The student council helps to share ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and school principal.
    •Providing guidance and support to fellow students.
    •Maintaining discipline among students and enforcing code of conduct.
    •To understand the needs of every student and communicating them clearly to the concerned authorities.
    •The major role of the student council is to identify the problems that children are facing and suggest solutions for the improvements in the existing system.
    •To plan and organize various events.
    •Organizing fundraisers for various causes and events.